TF International LEaRN Programme 2019 @ NUS Nominations

Thứ tư - 13/03/2019 08:29
TF International LEaRN Programme 2019 @ NUS Nominations
The TF International LEaRN Programme @ NUS aims to nurture the next generation of Asian leaders by providing opportunities for cultural exchange, networking, community engagement and leadership development. Selected students will be have the opportunity to take one semester of academic courses in NUS, participate in community service work and take part in TF International LEaRN activities such as Learning Journey, Service Learning/Leadership Workshop, Young Asian Leaders Forum etc.

Dear AUN partners,

Greetings from the National University of Singapore, Global Relations Office.

NUS will once again be running the TF International LEaRN programme in Academic Year 2019/20 Semester 1 (August to December 2019) and we would like to invite your university to nominate your students to apply for the programme.


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